Yauhen Yakimovich: Brief Biography
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Yauhen Yakimovich: Brief Biography

Here you can find more about my professional journey, from the early days of building radio devices to leading cutting-edge tech projects in fintech, blockchain, and more.

Early Inspiration and Education

From his high school years, Yauhen was deeply engaged in electronics and computing, a passion that led him to pursue degrees in software engineering and mathematics from Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics and Jacobs Bremen University.

Professional Launch

Yauhen’s career kicked off in 1999 with a project that involved modernizing a legacy database, marking the start of over two decades of innovations in technology. He quickly moved from backend programming to more complex software development roles across various sectors.

Startup Ventures and Leadership

He co-founded IRC.by in 2002, growing it into Belarus's leading chat network. Much later, his strategic vision continued to shape his path as he took on CTO roles at various startups, including PriceHubble AG, where he led the development of a pioneering fintech application.

Scientific Contributions and Current Role

At the University of Zurich from 2011 to 2016, Yauhen worked as R&D with super computers and cloud technology (HTC and HPC), enhancing research capabilities in life sciences and beyond. Currently, he is a DevOps and Security Architect at Swiss Re, focusing on designing secure and robust cloud infrastructure solutions.

Philosophy and Future

Yauhen is a firm believer in continuous learning and staying ahead of technological advancements. His career is a testament to his dedication to innovation and excellence in the evolving tech landscape.

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