Yauhen L. Yakimovich (Eugeny L. Yakimovitch)

Currently working at University of Zürich

Active interests are in IT, Software Engineering, CS, Math and Computational Biology

Currently, mostly occupied with: image processing, computer models, machine learning, HPC and Grid computing

coding in bash, python, MATLAB, C

Email: eugeny.yakimovitch(at)gmail.com

BSUIR, FnLP, Lecture 2008

BSUIR, FnLP, Lecture 2008

2009 -2011 Web Developer at symmetrics gmbh, Hannover

2008-2009 Phd Student at Integrated Mathematics, Jacobs University, Bremen.

2005-2008 Teaching assistant at Dept. of Computer Networks and SystemsBelarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (BSUIR).

In 2005 received Master degree in Computer Engineering (BSUIR).

In 2004 graduated BSUIR, Dept. of Computer Networks and Systems.

Blogs and Writings

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(Conferences, meetings and abstracts)

  • Yauhen L. Yakimovitch “Rarefied data compression method” // conference materials: mcIT-2008, Grodno, 2008

  • Ivasenko, M. A, Yakimovich, Y.L. “Files search and exchange systems analysis using P2P data transmission”// Modern information computer technologies: materials international scientifically-practical conference mcIT-2008 (April, 21st-24th, 2008, Grodno, Belarus), – Grodno: GrSU, 2008

  • Yakimovich, Y.L. «Fast compression of rarefied data» // New mathematical methods and computer technologies in designing, manufacture and scientific researches: Materials of XI Republican conference of students and post-graduate students, Gomel, March, 2008 – Gomel: GSU, 2008.

  • Yakimovich Y.L. « Software efficiency estimation with time division» // Modern radio electronics: scientific researches and a professional training: Materials of international theoretical and practical conferences, MSHRC, Minsk, April, 10-11th, 2007: in 4 parts / Ministry of Education of Belarus, MSHRC; under the editorship of Prof. N.A.Tsyrelchuka. – Minsk: MSHRC, 2007. – part 4.  - p 30-33.

  • Gorbadej, A. P, Yakimovich, Y. L. «Program architecture of autonomous components» // Modern radio electronics: scientific researches and a professional training: Materials of international theoretical and practical conference, MSHRC, Minsk, April, 10-11th, 2007: in 4 parts. / Ministry of Education of Belarus, MSHRC; under the editorship of Prof. N.A.Tsyrelchuka. – Minsk: MSHRC, 2007. – part 4. - p 30-33.

  • Yakimovich, Y.L., Bakhtizin, V.V. «Software statistical testing» // Remote training – Educational environment of the XXI-st century: materials of VI International scientific-methodical conference (November, 22-23nd, 2007). – Minsk: BSUIR, 2007. – 420 p.

  • Yakimovich Y.L., Bakhtizin V.V. «Analysis of Edutella educational system network services» //Remote training – the Educational environment of the XXI-st century: materials international theoretical and practical conferences, November, 10-11th, 2005. - Minsk: BSUIR, 2005 – 456p.: p 386-388.

  • Yakimovich Y.L. «Predicting network traffic asymmetric properties» // IX Republican scientific conference of students and post-graduate students «New mathematical methods and computer technologies in designing, manufacture and scientific researches» March, 13-15th 2006г.: [materials] / editors.: D.G. Lin [etc.]. – Gomel: GSU of F.Skoriny, 2006. – 308p.: p 290-291.

  • Yakimovich, Y.L., Bakhtizin, V.V. «Scientific -educational system model for data search and exchange» //Actual problems of radio electronics: scientific researches, professional training: Scientific articles collection (following the results of work MSHRC, Minsk, June, 2-3nd, 2005) in part 2 of 3 /Ministry of Education of Belarus, MSHRC, 2005


Functional and Logical Programming: Lectures (Russian)